According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics over 50% of Australians have at least one parent who is born overseas. If you are one of these Australian families and would like to bring your parents to Australia contact us to discuss parent visa pathways.

Family Visa Team at Seek Visa International provides ethical, culturally sensitive, person and goal centred service to both parents from overseas and their sponsors from Australia. With the ever increasing child care prices, we understand the importance of having your parents around to assist you with raising your children, but also the cultural expectation of taking care of your elderly parents.

اگر مایل به برسی شرایط فردی خویش جهت مهاجرت به کشوراسترالیا – کانادا- نیوزیلند می باشید، می توانید با پر نمودن فرم ارزیابی رایگان مهاجرت  و یا تماس با یکی از دفاتر سیک ویزا از واجد شرایط بودن خود در کلیه روش های مهاجرتی آگاه گردید.